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Quality Swimming Pool Solutions is a team of pool design, building and customer service specialists. We excel in taking a dream of our client from concept to completion with the most advanced tools available. By using our experience and these tools we are able to deliver projects in an efficient, communicative, and budget-conscious way.
We do all of this at Quality Swimming Pool Solutions with one goal in mind. To deliver our customers their dream pool.

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Quality is our priority

Quality Swimming Pool Solutions provides a variety of swimming pool repair services. From cosmetic repairs to equipment repairs and upgrades, including the replacement of pool parts, and general monthly service.

Build a Pool

Building a brand-new pool or spa in your backyard is a big investment. Quality Swimming Pool Solutions is your trusted pool contractor based in Curaçao. We have been making people’s backyard dreams come true for over 5 years. With a new pool, we focus on integrating the best pool design to suit the size and shape of your backyard. We transform any backyard into an oasis with an overall improvement in the ambiance of your space. With our pool and spa construction services, you get decades of experience from trained professionals who put genuine care into each project.
Let Us Build Your Dream Outdoor Swimming Pool in Curaçao Quality Swimming Pool Solutions has made it easier than ever to get your dream outdoor swimming pool. We are fully licensed and insured so you can trust the work will be done properly. Our prompt, reliable services offer you the peace of mind you deserve when making an investment into your home/business like this. With our passion and dedication to our craft, we provide you with unparalleled care. We make it so that you know exactly what is going on every step of the way. Whether it is a new spa, pool, or water feature that you are interested in, please contact us for a free estimate. We will make sure that the water feature is constructed to match your needs.

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Pool Service

The only thing worse than a dirty pool is having to clean it yourself. Let Quality Swimming Pool Solutions take the burden of your regular pool and spa maintenance so you can focus on enjoying it. Our goal is to take away the maintenance responsibility of your pool, spa or aquatic feature so you can spend your time enjoying it. Our maintenance service includes service on all aquatic features for residential and commercial customers. Most customers have a one, two, or three days a week schedule with our maintenance team.
You can expect an exceptional pool cleaning service from Quality Swimming Pool Solutions. We are experienced in cleaning pools, spas, and an assortment of aquatic features. We have all of the best tools available to clean the floor, surface, and those difficult-to-get-to tile lines. We test, sanitize, and balance the chemistry of your pool or spa. This is the most important part of regular service. Bad chemistry doesn’t always show itself over night. Properly balanced pool chemistry is much more than just chlorine and acid. We perform a battery of tests when we service your pool to ensure the highest water quality.
Our trained technician will check out all of the equipment—from clearing the baskets to checking the filter and service if necessary as well as inspect for anything out of the ordinary. As part of our process, we report any potential issues to you.


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Pool renovation

For owners looking to revamp a plain or outdated swimming pool, we offer a variety of renovation services. Whether resurfacing and repairing, extending the size and depth, or simply adding modern features – our pool renovation services can completely revitalize the look and feel of your entire backyard.
Look no further for a remodeling contractor for your pool makeover. If your existing pool, spa or water feature is outdated, Quality Swimming Pool Solutions specializes in changing and updating existing structures. By adding a spa or water feature to your pool, you can transform the aesthetic of your existing pool. Change the look with new plaster, pebble, or quartz surface or something as simple as replacing the current tile. Whatever it is, Quality Swimming Pool Solutions has over 5 years of experience remodeling pools. Our team of professionals work diligently to find the right solution for your pool remodel.
Quality Swimming Pool Solutions provides a variety of swimming pool repair services. From cosmetic repairs to equipment repairs and upgrades, including the replacement of pool parts, and general monthly service.
Our team is carefully assembled and trained to the highest standards so you can rest assured your pool is in good hands. We make sure we do our work right the first time. If you have any questions regarding our services, Quality Swimming Pool Solutions is happy to help walk you through all of it. Get in touch with us today to get started on your pool remodel. We can build the pool of your dreams!

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Installations & repair

Installations & Repair Eventually, all things that are mechanical or electrical break down. Knowing the right person to call makes the difference. Quality Swimming Pool Solutions is an expert in pool equipment repair for residential and commercial properties residing in Curaçao. We are knowledgeable in just about any equipment made for the pool industry. We either fix it or replace it with something better or more efficient. We’ll show you all of your options. Our repair services include heaters, pumps, filters, lights, and more. In addition, we also add salts systems to existing chlorine pools for your convenience.
If you need pool leak detection or any other repair services, get in touch with Quality Swimming Pool Solutions. We’ve been around for more than 5 years and has more than 10 years of experience!


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Build a pool

Concrete pool designs

Do you have free space in your backyard, or you just want to turn your backyard into your own private paradise? We have the solution. Let our experts build you one of our concrete pool models with everything included.

We have options for everybody’s needs. Don’t hesitate, because Quality is our priority! Contact us right away!


The best pool service

We not only design your pool but assist you in creating a complete outdoor living space.

Contact us for your next project!

Team of Experts

Quality Swimming Pool Solutions skilled designers will do an exceptional job combining your desired results with their expertise.
Quality Swimming Pool Solutions finished project will leave you with an oasis that will create years of memorable summers without having to leave your backyard.

Great service

Whether we are creating a customized pool to meet the needs of you, your family, back yard, or even a specific budget, attention to detail is our specialty.

Give us a call for a Design Consultation +5999 684 1035


What our clients say

We only deliver quality work. That’s a guarantee!


My pool had a problem with the pump that wouldn't work. I called swimming pool solutions and they were here the next day and solved the whole problem!
Saturday, August 1, 2020
Good work done by the team. My pool looks as good as new!
Thankyou for the good service, I am very satisfied with the work.
Thursday, September 3, 2020
Best pool services on the island. Will definitely keep working with this company. Thumbs up...100% recommend.
Saturday, October 10, 2020

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